Fund Management System

If you are into fund, shares and stock markets Fund Management System by JAM Creative can prove to be beneficial on both sides. We provide you with extremely organized fund management system both for World Wide Web and the latest mobile computing platform - Smartphones.

Fund Management System: Organized, User Friendly, Smart

If you are a financial institute or a broking firm managing mutual fund, equities, shares or stock markets - Fund Management System by JAM Creative can prove to be beneficial for you and your client - both sides. We provide you with extremely organized fund management system both for World Wide Web and the latest mobile computing platform- iPhone. Our fund management system ensures that all your requirements are well taken care of. We are also competent enough to offer you customized fund management system.

Fund Management System Features: Easy View, User Friendly, Reliable

Easy View:

The fund management system by JAM Creative provides an easy view to ensure that your front end user experience like never before. If there is a fund directory an user can select preferred fund directory and access required directory simultaneously.

Smart management:

We ensure that contents are managed in smart and simple way. The details of investors and fund are maintained and simultaneously this same outlook is followed for investment companies also. Under each company the past history of its stock market performance is provided using image. The past history ranges from last five years to yearly, monthly, weekly and daily updates.

Fund Management System for mobile:

The invasion of smart phones has bought dramatic changes to our lives. JAM Creative has a team of experienced developers who can provide you fund management system mobile app for your iPhone and Android phones. We ensure that you and your business reach desired level.

Easy to understand Charts:

One of our founders was the lead designer of S&P500's mutual fund portal which is now and he know how to create the charts and graphs so anyone can read and understand them.

Desktop ticker widget:

We can create a desktop ticker widget for your clients who can see the updates of stock prices in a narrow space on their desktop, no need to open a portal for that. Same thing can be done for mobile screen as well.

Secured payment:

A busy investor might want to sell or buy stocks anytime he thinks is the perfect time, worry not, we integrate the secured payment gateway n the fund management app for that.

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You can schedule an appointment and get a comprehensive demo of our fund management system, someone from our office will visit your place and show how the fund management system works and how it can help you to grow your business!


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