E-Commerce Portal

E-Commerce Portals: The Benefit of buying and Selling Products

We design e-commerce portals that offer businesses to purchase and sell, but other features of portal. Thus, the browser get host of services at single place. We aim to provide your customers an easy buying experience from you.

E-Commerce Portals Features: Secured payments, multiple features, user-friendly

Managing your e-commerce portal:

You can manage your entire online store from admin panel. Added different discounted schemes and multiple promotions can also be controlled via admin panel. Wait! our expert team offers you with more options in managing your online store. You can manage visitors and customers of your site and handle conversation of customers to visitors with order capture information.

Product Showcase:

You can showcase your products and services in various ways like showing multiple pictures for each products, giving description, creating multiple product views, 360 degree product view or product slider or gallery. See some examples of such showcases.

Shopping Cart:

In relation to e-commerce, shopping cart is important. To make online shopping a secure affair only registered customers are allowed to add products into shopping cart. This important e-commerce application shows the list of products selected, price and quantity and total value. To make online payments Payment gateways comes next.

Payment Gateways:

JAM Creative strongly believes in making online shopping well secured. Thus, only standard payment gateways are used to ensure that sensitive information of credit card numbers passes securely from customer to concerned merchant. Based on your project we provide you with industry standard payment gateways like PayPal Technology, Google Checkout, World Pay, Authorize.net.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce allows consumers in conducting secure and convenient transactions any time. It includes innovative services, new technologies and profitable business models.

Mobile Commerce: Secured, Convenient & Reliable Transactions 24/7

JAM Creative provide you with different m-commerce application letting you to extend your target customer’s reach. We implement WML or Wireless Markup Language for user interface layout to provide required business support in mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce Features: Flexibility, personalization, ubiquity

Better Accessibility:

M-commerce application allows user amazing accessibility. The consumers can access mobile commerce application anytime and anywhere. Billing costs get reduced as mobile application allows simple transaction in well secured manner.


This feature has made mobile commerce application well secured. With mobile commerce customer’s preference can be tracked very easily ensuring better output services. Credit risks also get reduced simultaneously as transactions are processed only after consumers has valid credit limit.

Integration of latest technologies:

For mobile e-commerce apps, we can integrate latest technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will create an unique experience for your prospective buyers, like they can try a shoe or a wrist-watch and get an idea how it will look on them, in realtime, using AR feature.


Mobile commerce application allows user to adjust or edit according to users. Unlike other application mobile devices are used and thus users are provided with options according to their requirements and wish.

Custom Mobile Commerce Application:

The developer team of JAM Creative is competent in creating flexible and user friendly custom m-commerce application. Some of our custom m-application includes mobile catalogs, favorite items, product tracking, price checking and the list continues.

Shopping Cart integration

Shopping Cart Integration: For hassle free shopping

Shopping cart makes the buyers to experience happy and hassle free shopping while saving the time of your buyers. Pick from our wide range of shopping cart plans.

User Friendly, Reliable, Smooth

Manage activities:

The whole activity of shopping cart remains under your control. You can support unlimited products and categories to make the structure of products to categories. You can add, edit or remove any categories, manufacturers, products, reviews, customers. Since, there are both physical and virtual products; JAM Creative team ensures your shopping cart can support both these products without any problem.

Smooth shopping experience:

The benefits of shopping cart are fully enjoyed by the buyers also. Items selected are stored for efficient and fast retrieval. While shopping, the buyers can view the status and history of their order. JAM Creative can provide you with shopping cart for permanent or registered user and guest buyers. For shipping and billing purpose the registered user get an option to maintain address book. The foreseen checkout procedure makes the entire shopping experience a secured one.

Reliable Product Functionality:

Shopping cart integration by JAM Creative provides you with dynamic product attribute relationship and all product description are based on HTML. An automated display of special products will help your buyer to know about the best products of your site. You can control any product if specific products are out of stock. You can also allow buyers to subscribe product related e-mails or newsletters. If you want you can disable zone based payment services.

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